What is Failing Imperfectly?


Inspiration comes from many sources, affecting each of us in many different ways.


Growing emotionally and professionally is core to leading my fulfilled life.


Real life as I move through every challenge and celebration.


Why Don’t We Keep Dating?

Dating is such a wonderful thing. We are energized and excited to get to know another person. We are exploring places we might have already been, but with a new person so it feels new. We hold hands. We hug on each other. We kiss often. So much laughing and giggling and love. Then as the years add up, dating becomes less important. We … Read More Why Don’t We Keep Dating?

I Embrace Me

As I’ve talked about many, many times, I’ve always struggled with being true to who I am. I’ve never truly embraced me for me. Until recently. I am really starting to get the hang of just being me. Me as a happy person, me as a grumpy person, me as a friend and a wife, me. Understanding and embracing who we are, how we’ve … Read More I Embrace Me