What is Failing Imperfectly?


Inspiration comes from many sources, affecting each of us in many different ways.


Growing emotionally and professionally is core to leading my fulfilled life.


Real life as I move through every challenge and celebration.


The Overload is Real

Until recent years, I never heard anything about people acknowledging being overwhelmed or overloaded, especially not in reference to emotions or sensory processing. I think the first time I heard of sensory overload was in reference to an autistic child. I know those who are autistic probably have a completely different level of sensory overload compared to those of us who are not autistic, … Read More The Overload is Real

I’m A Giver

I’m a giver of my time. Of my love. Of my trust. Of my dedication. I give so much that I forget that boundaries are okay. In fact, I have a hell of a time actually setting boundaries. Most empaths don’t know how to set boundaries OR have a difficult time enforcing them. Boundaries are things we would like to honor for ourselves, but … Read More I’m A Giver