I’m a winner!

I win at life every single day. My life goes exactly the way my mind directs it to go. I get everything my mind believes. Everything is perfect! Scratch that. Actually, I get everything my subconscious believes. Everything, life, whatever, is only what my subconscious perceives. You see, Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered in his research […]

Thanks for making me feel like shit

That is my usual response. I guess that isn’t his intention. But I don’t understand or I read into the meaning of his words. It happened again today. I was so offended. It was a simple statement that he made. I’m used to jumping to my defense and feeling like shit for something that I […]

I am willing…

…or am I unwilling. At some point in our lives we either feel that we are or we actually are stuck. Stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship, or just plain stuck with life. I actually feel that way right now with debt and my overall happiness (independent of each other). These are circumstances […]