Month: July 2018

I’m a winner!

I win at life every single day. My life goes exactly the way my mind directs it to go. I get everything my mind believes. Everything is perfect! Scratch that. Actually, I get everything my subconscious believes. Everything, life, whatever, is only what my subconscious perceives. You see, Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered in his research that 95 percent of what we do each day … Read More I’m a winner!

Thanks for making me feel like shit

That is my usual response. I guess that isn’t his intention. But I don’t understand or I read into the meaning of his words. It happened again today. I was so offended. It was a simple statement that he made. I’m used to jumping to my defense and feeling like shit for something that I did or didn’t do. I don’t even actually analyze … Read More Thanks for making me feel like shit

I am willing…

…or am I unwilling. At some point in our lives we either feel that we are or we actually are stuck. Stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship, or just plain stuck with life. I actually feel that way right now with debt and my overall happiness (independent of each other). These are circumstances of my life. Circumstances that I am either defending … Read More I am willing…