Month: May 2019


Faith in our world is something that can be very contentious. Who do you believe in? How strong of a believer are you? Why don’t you believe? What church do you go to? Why don’t you go to church? Why do you despise people who are faithful or go to church? Why do you judge others because their faith is different? Why do you … Read More Faith

Overlanding and Offroading

My husband and I have been getting into overlanding and offroading more and more over the past couple years. In fact, we are slowly adding mods to my 4Runner to make it able to go more places. When we first started getting into it, we followed and watched a few groups on YouTube. I felt pretty crushed because all of them have these crazy … Read More Overlanding and Offroading


While reading an e-book from Andrea Owen in her Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass coaching, I came across this quote. It hit me hard. You see, this is me. I am completely and utterly afraid of looking stupid. In front of anyone. Everyone. Just me. Yes, just me. I am absolutely my worst critic. I know why I have this fear. It isn’t some secret. It … Read More Stupid