Month: December 2019

Doubt Kills More Than Failure

All my life I have been afraid of failing. It has never been one thing specifically, rather, failing at anything and everything. The thing that I didn’t know and that you’ve probably heard over and over again, is that everyone who is successful has failed. They have failed repeatedly. Success doesn’t mean we don’t fail. Success means that we get back up after every … Read More Doubt Kills More Than Failure

Life’s A Bitch

I heard this phrase more often than not when growing up. It was usually expanded on with “Life’s a bitch, then you die.” My parents would say that. That was their whole outlook on life. They seriously could not find anything good in any situation. Life was only negative and only happened to them. When you grow up with this mindset, it is really … Read More Life’s A Bitch

Live Creatively

When I saw this quote, a lightbulb went off for me. You see, I have always thought that being creative meant you had to be an artist or the like; someone who made something from scratch and it was beautiful or useful. I equated creative people as being artists, painters, those who sewed or crocheted, or those who came up with awesome wood or metal … Read More Live Creatively

Powerful and Capable

Giving yourself credit isn’t easy. At least, for me, it’s not. I always had the impression that if I were to give myself credit for anything, I would be conceited and stuck up and too into myself. It wasn’t acceptable in my mind. What was acceptable, was brushing off any accomplishment like it was no big deal to me. Not making a big deal … Read More Powerful and Capable

If you get knocked down…

…get back up. I was knocked down last week. I was shown the true habits of the CEO of the company I was working for. Along with countless others, I was laid off. The reasoning we were given was that the company was restructuring. No warning. Just an hour’s notice for a meeting in the office. Pretty much my entire immediate team was laid … Read More If you get knocked down…

You Don’t Need A New Year

At one point in our life, we’ve all said it, “on January 1st, I’ll start making changes.” We might say that in December, or September, or May, or even February. We have this habit of putting off the changes we want or need to make in our life until that big date. Forget the, “I’ll start on Monday.” That is nothing compared to what … Read More You Don’t Need A New Year

Why Failing Imperfectly?

When I was first creating this site and trying to come up with a name, I knew I wanted something that described my life. I have always been someone who tries to be utterly perfect for everyone. I was trying to be perfect in the sense that I wanted to be everything for everyone. While trying to be perfect, I have had a very … Read More Why Failing Imperfectly?