Alcohol Part Two

If you haven’t read Alcohol Part One, go back and read that entry first.

The social aspect of drinking is a big one within my friend’s group and family. Wine nights, wine chats, camping, pool parties, barbeques, holidays, and just hanging out are just some of the times that alcohol is a beverage of choice. Hell, my girlfriend’s and I used to even grab a drink at lunch when we worked together.

But that all is going to change now. I’m going to be one of the only people who is not drinking. It is terrifying. This is when I’m going to struggle the most. I will have peer pressure from some people. I have never held up well to peer pressure. Or being different. That’s why I started drinking in the first place.

What I have to remember is that this is my choice. I made the choice to stop drinking because of how it affected me. It does not matter one bit what anyone else says. This is my decision and if they can’t respect it, then that is their problem.

I feel like our society has conditioned so many of us that alcohol is part of everything we do. I mean, how many TV shows do you watch where there is no drinking. I can’t think of any. Some of my shows have it included very subtly, they don’t focus on it, but it is there. Some have people drinking all the time. I can think of one show where I have not seen one other beverage in it. Alcohol is everywhere.

I’m not saying alcohol is a bad thing. For many people, it isn’t. For me, it wasn’t for a long time. But when you are going from drinking with all of your friends and family, and at all social events, it will be difficult to convince people why you quit drinking and that you aren’t going to have a drink “just this once.”

I even have a ton of wine glasses in my cabinets. What the hell am I going to do with those? I mean, my friends just got me a few new ones for my birthday. And I love them!! Wine glasses are one of those things that typically don’t ever have anything else in them. But I’m going to convert them. At least the ones I really like. The rest I’ll sell at a yard sale. Or keep for when my friends come over and want a drink.

Alcohol. It is literally everywhere. When you decided to stop drinking, you really realize how ingrained in your life it is. But if you have that gut feeling or little voice telling you it is time to set aside that drink, do it. It might not be easy, but you’ll thank yourself for it.

It has only been three days since I had a few drinks, and I can already feel so much more clarity. My period is supposed to start in a couple days and I’m not as easily irritated as usual. I feel more motivated and energized every day. My joint pain is gone again. I don’t feel bloated.

If you decided to leave alcohol behind, you might not see changes that fast. I’m sure I’m seeing it that fast because I spent most of the last month not drinking.

Follow your heart. Follow that inner voice if it is telling you that you need to change. I am finally following mine and so far, I’m pretty dang happy about it.

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