Balance Your Life, Passions, and Work

Have you heard the statement that you should find your niche and only focus on one thing? It sits at the back of my mind in everything I do. But I simply can’t focus on one thing. I’m ambitious. I’m multi-passionate. There isn’t just one thing that I do or one hobby that lights my fire. There are multiple and I simply refuse to choose just one. So, what does that mean for my time allocation? How do I find balance for everything?

The way you typically hear about balance is when people say they want a good work-life balance. It’s this benchmark that people set that just doesn’t seem accessible. Except all of those people you follow on social media who seem to do everything, and seem happy in all of it. Sound familiar?

I thought so. Let me tell you a secret I’ve discovered and I keep reminding myself, you do NOT have to find a single thing to focus on and the only type of balance you will ever find is the balance you define for yourself. How do I keep up with work, my hobbies, my friends, my family, house chores, my marriage, self-care, and everything I want to do? I don’t. I drop things all of the time and I pay for my house to be cleaned.

I’ve had my Failing Imperfectly website since 2018 and because I was following the recommendation to pick only one niche, I started a second website and Instagram for my hobby of offroading and camping/overlanding. I really wanted to share my love of it with other people. But carrying on with two Instagrams and two websites was a lot. My offroading one didn’t do so well. I barely paid attention to it and didn’t connect with other women like I had hoped.

I also really love landscape photography and would love to someday share my photos with other people. I love reading and growing. I love my dogs, and cooking, and my marriage, and gardening, and exploring, and so much. I want to share with ya’ll everything that I love and I want to be relatable. I just don’t feel like I can do that with staying in one niche. I feel like I’ve been losing part of myself. Or maybe hiding part of myself. Either way, it didn’t feel right.

I was talking to one of my employees recently and he said he didn’t know how I did it all. This was after me mentioning something about this blog and my podcast. The thing is, I don’t do it all. 

I barely paid attention to offroad stuff because I was focused on being a positive influence for other women. I took pictures, but I rarely edited them, and I sure didn’t share them. I did share my pets and a little about my marriage, but I stayed away from too much differentiation on my feed. I have two posts a week and I recently started a podcast to mirror my posts. I put so much pressure on myself to never miss a post and to give my all to my job, but I didn’t give myself grace to be human. I worried about not having enough time to keep up with my passions if I dove into my ambitions for my professional career. I really didn’t do it all. I didn’t have balance.

I realized that balance is subjective when I was talking to a friend about it. She said she was having a difficult time balancing her job and side business with family time. I asked her what balance meant to her, and then realized I needed to ask myself the same thing. And so I did.

Today, the day I’m writing this, I chose to branch out and open up my Instagram to bring all of my life into one place. How can I be relatable if I hide parts of my life? I don’t think I can be. My focus here, on Instagram, and on my podcast is no longer going to be focused on one niche. I am going to share my life, and I hope to inspire you to go after the life you want to live. The WHOLE life that you want to live. 

I’m here today to tell you that there is no perfect balance to life. Whatever balance you think is supposed to exist, wipe that from your mind and create your own definition of balance. I’m working on creating my own and I already feel so much more freedom than I did yesterday.

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