Body Image

So, we’ve developed this negative body image or we have young girls who look up to us, how do we either improve our own body image, and/or make sure we don’t impart a negative body image on them? There are a lot of things we can do. I am still working on my own body image and I am starting by loving my body regardless of what it can or can’t do and regardless of the cellulite or “fluffiness” I have. I say starting because it is a long journey. I am working really hard to no longer refer to my cellulite as cottage cheese. Yeah, that’s what I was taught. If you have any cellulite, it is referred to as cottage cheese. But I digress. I am also working to be comfortable in how I feel good regardless of what anybody else might say. For instance, I wear the short shorts and I wear the shirts with the holes in the back. I wear what feels good, not what is “acceptable” for my pant or shirt size. I also make sure to not talk about weight in front of or with the young girls in my life.

A few months ago my sister was here with her husband and my niece and nephew. My niece joined me for my morning routine and somehow weight came up. She mentioned that her mom is trying to lose weight. It was an eye-opening experience to me that she is noticing little things that my sister probably doesn’t even specifically talk about with her. I acknowledged that yeah, she might be but that she is wanting to feel good in her own skin. I think I also said something about loving my bigger thighs.

I wear the bikini and don’t suck in my stomach. I wear the shorts or the leggings. I wear the racerback or backless shirts. I have stopped hiding any part of me that might not be “perfect” in media’s eyes. There are days when I really struggle with it and there are days where I couldn’t give a flying fuck what others say. For those of us who struggle with body image, this will always be the case. Also, don’t assume somebody doesn’t struggle because they seem confident. You have no idea what is going on in their head. Compliment other women as much as you can. We need to lift each other up.

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