If you are anything like me, you had been operating on some pretty good, not perfect, but pretty good boundaries. Life was moving along quite well and you were taking mostly good care of yourself. Then COVID hit and life as we knew it went out of the window right with pretty much every boundary we had set. At this point, we might not even remember what those boundaries were.

That is okay. In fact, I think it is better than okay. I think it is fantastic. For some of us, our lives have slowed down dramatically and for others, life has been flipped upside down. Such big changes in life are good for us. Yes, they may feel like hell when the changes first hit, but with change comes opportunity. With opportunity comes unchartered territory. Well, usually.

I am taking this opportunity to revisit my boundaries and I have discovered that I was actually not living according to some that I had set. At some point, I broke my own boundaries and didn’t realize it. One of the biggest that I am realizing that I broke was my boundary around the amount of time I spent watching TV. At some point in the last year or so, I broke the boundary I had and went back to watching hours of TV each night. Um, what the hell? With that I started reading less and working on my goals less. I stopped working on my own personal development as much. I became complacent in life.

I am taking this opportunity, what feels like a blank slate, to rediscover the boundaries I might have had and stopped honoring while also discovering potential new boundaries. I don’t look at my boundaries as negative forces within my life. I look at them as forks in the road that take me to the places I truly desire instead of the easy, complacent places. I don’t want a life of complacency and contentment. I want a life that is challenged and rewarding. The only way I can get to that point is by setting boundaries and honoring them.

My boundaries are mostly simple: TV while eating dinner or to finish up the show, then onto reading, education, or goal works; not getting drunk; sweet treats for special occasions or PMS cravings only; no news or gossip sites; I must be physically active each day; stepping away from work at my 40 hours or as soon as possible if there is a tight deadline; no family gossip or drama.

These boundaries are what will keep me growing and learning and challenged. Taking this opportunity to set new boundaries or re-ignite previous boundaries is crucial to maintaining control of my life once COVID restrictions are a thing of the past.

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