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Silent Battles

We all have silent battles. Some are things that we will never tell anyone. Some we need to work through and then they go away. Some eat away at us every single day and we don’t even know what battle we are fighting. Silent battles are the unspoken silent connection we have with other people. What is a silent battle? It is a battle … Read More Silent Battles

Why Don’t We Keep Dating?

Dating is such a wonderful thing. We are energized and excited to get to know another person. We are exploring places we might have already been, but with a new person so it feels new. We hold hands. We hug on each other. We kiss often. So much laughing and giggling and love. Then as the years add up, dating becomes less important. We … Read More Why Don’t We Keep Dating?

I Embrace Me

As I’ve talked about many, many times, I’ve always struggled with being true to who I am. I’ve never truly embraced me for me. Until recently. I am really starting to get the hang of just being me. Me as a happy person, me as a grumpy person, me as a friend and a wife, me. Understanding and embracing who we are, how we’ve … Read More I Embrace Me

I Quit Quitting

So remember a few months ago I talked about quitting alcohol? Maybe it was more than just a few months, but it feels like it was just yesterday. Well, I quit quitting. What does that even mean? Well, it means I am drinking again. But, I’m not drinking like I had been. In fact, my tastes have completely changed. AND so has my tolerance. … Read More I Quit Quitting

The Power of Fear

Fear has power over each and every one of us, even if we don’t want to admit it. Fear is a natural basic instinct that can easily control so much of what we do. I, from personal experience, know how debilitating life can be to live through the power that fear has over me. It is exhausting and stressful. It can be crippling. How … Read More The Power of Fear

Give Yourself Some Credit

When you stop to look at your life and where you’ve come since some date, say high school, do you ever give yourself credit? Or do you tell yourself that you haven’t done enough? To be honest, until I heard this in some video I was watching, I hadn’t really thought about it. I am really good about looking ahead at what I want … Read More Give Yourself Some Credit


I’ve always wanted to be like that girl who is free from judgement or care about judgement and is just herself. You know that girl who dances like nobody is watching, laughs as loud as her laugh comes out, is silly, can pick up and randomly do whatever, says what is on her mind, and just lives her life like there isn’t a care … Read More Free

I Don’t Qualify

Have you ever muttered these words to yourself? Did you just have movie reel roll through displaying all of the times you have, or did you say no? If you said no, I would like to meet you because everybody I know has disqualified themselves at one point or another. How do I know that? Because we all say it for so many things. … Read More I Don’t Qualify

It’s Time to Rebuild

Life is a lot different today compared to just a couple of months ago. If there is anybody who can say that it isn’t, please tell them to share their story with me. I mean, how can it not be? Everyone went through the toilet paper rush and the lack of meat in stores and the boomerang advice of ‘wear the mask’, ‘no, don’t … Read More It’s Time to Rebuild

How Do You Talk to Yourself?

My journey to self-love and healing has involved a lot of changes to how I speak. Not only to others, but to myself. Most importantly to myself. How I speak to myself has been absolutely shitty for most of my life. I most definitely cannot say I have perfectly corrected how I speak to myself, but I can say I am getting better. The … Read More How Do You Talk to Yourself?

Not Quite 60

Tomorrow my mom would have been 60. She should be having a party to celebrate her milestone year, but she died from Alzheimer’s when she was 56. I stopped talking to her for the final time when she was 49. Even before that, for the four or five years prior, I didn’t hardly speak to her. Do I regret it, no. Do I wish … Read More Not Quite 60

Who Am I?

I am Crystal, a strong, beautiful woman. I am a women who knows her values and lives by them. I am a proud, successful woman who never settles for less than what I know I can earn through hard work and dedication. I am an adventurer. I am me. Notice, I didn’t say I am a project manager or I am a wife or … Read More Who Am I?