Day 4: Proud

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In my morning reading, the chapter I read from 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life by Andrea Owen, Don’t Let Comparisons Destroy You, touched on a topic that I really need to incorporate in my life. She asked the simple question “Have you stopped lately to be proud of what you’ve accomplished lately? Or ever?

No. No I have not.

I have always been one to strive for others to be proud of me. I never considered being proud of myself. That didn’t matter. When I read that question, it hit me that I was doing it backwards. I am 32 years old and I have not once been proud of myself. I honestly don’t know why being proud of myself never crossed my mind. I have one specific person that I’ve always wanted to hear the words “I am proud of you” from and never have. So I’ve kept working to hear it. Right now, typing this, I don’t see it ever coming from her. I need to move on. I am moving on.

Starting today I am going to work on checking in with myself and if I’ve made myself proud. As of today, I am proud of myself for being a strong woman, for getting not only by Bachelor degree but also my Master degree, for waiting to marry someone who treated me right, for purchasing our home, for advancing my career to the awesome job I have now, for how dedicated I am to those I love, and most of all, for continuously taking care of my health. I am proud of me.


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