For most of us in the United States, the word ‘freedom’ signifies our freedom from oppression. But most of us don’t think about what freedom means on a more individual level.

Yes, you have the freedom to work where you want, eat what you want, drive what you want, etc., but have you thought about the freedom that is even more granular than that?

Each of us has a truth that we either speak or hide. What we do with our truth determines how happy we are.

In The Soul Frequency by Shanna Lee, she writes “Freedom is born from finding the courage to speak our truth.”

The problem I see and have had for many years is that I don’t know what my truth is. I never stopped to think what I wanted from life. I just kept repeating the same patterns I had always followed. I didn’t know anything different. I didn’t have the courage or the heart to learn that there was more to life. That I had a truth buried deep inside that I was denying.

The truth I have been living:
Go to college, get a master degree, get a good job that pays a lot, get married, have kids, work until the normal retirement, travel some if you can afford it, retire, die.

The truth that I’m discovering deviates from what I have been living. I went to college, I earned my MBA, and I have a great job that pays well. I got married. We tried to have kids, that didn’t work, and now we have decided to prevent any possible oops. I want to do something more with my life than work for someone else until I retire. I’m learning what I want that something more to be.

My truth is still being defined and that’s okay. We don’t have to have all the answers laid out when we muster up the courage to start living our truth. We just need to live our own truth and not the way of our family, community, or society.

If you don’t know what your truth is, that’s okay. Start listening to the nudges you get to do something different or to experience something. Those nudges are your truth trying to help direct you. Some nudges lead you to a long-term experience, some come and go. No matter the duration, these nudges are leading you to the truth you are meant to live. Follow them.

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