That’s how I am going to describe my first week after my surgery. One week ago today I had surgery to fuse L5 to S1 to help correct my spondylolisthesis. I was fully prepared for the surgery and ready to get it over with. The surgery went well, not exactly to plan, but well.

It seems my doctor found that I also have spina bifida. I believe he told us “look at a model of the spine, and that’s not you”. Instead of inserting a cage (spacer, whatever you want to call it), he only used the bone graft from my pars defect and another fracture. The doc said that the space between L5 and S1 was too wide for the cage.

I stayed in the hospital for one night and pushed to make sure I got to come home the next day. I directed the nurses when I wanted to stop the IV pain meds and when I wanted to get up and walk or go to the bathroom. I was not about to stay in the hospital a second night.

Over the last week, I have weened myself down on dosage of the hydrocodone and then completely off of it. I didn’t get the high feeling that people say they get. In fact, I wouldn’t have said I had any reactions other than pain relief, until today, my first full day without it.

Holy crap was I a fuzzy mess. I guess I wasn’t as annoyed with being taken care of as I usually am and I really didn’t feel motivated to do anything. I just wanted to lay around and sleep. That definitely isn’t me.

Today I want to be up and doing stuff. I want to walk more. I want to shower and feel like a human again. I mean, I haven’t worn a bra in 8 days and I can’t remember the last time I put deodrant on. My brain can actually think and comprehend again.

I honestly didn’t think I was that fuzzy until today. I knew I didn’t want to be on the pain meds for too long, but I didn’t realize I would get fuzzy. I do still have a few muscle relaxers left that I will take. My hips are feeling nerve activity they haven’t in a while so that needs a little help so I can try to sleep. I have no idea why those nerves want to be active during the night.

In just the first week since my surgery, and knowing that another is probably in my future, I would do it again. I’ve walked more and further today than I have been able to in a while.

Cheers to another week of recovery. This week I’ll be kicking ass and taking names.

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