Go Your Own Way

I was recently browsing a Facebook group for a couple of different inspirational influencers that I follow and I was shocked at the hate that people were laying down for other people. It’s as though these people expected the influencer that they follow to stay in the lane that brought them to the influencer. My gut reaction was that I wanted to defend the influencer and tell them how rude they are being. Then I realized a couple of different things.

First, it’s fine if they feel that the influencer has grown in a different direction. They may not be phrasing it that way, but that is essentially what they are exuding. 

Second, it is not my place to defend an influencer to people who potentially do not understand or choose not to look at the growth of that influencer as a good thing because that is what the influencer has been working towards and writing or speaking about for years.

And lastly, I do not need the negativity that is in that group. I can and at this point, probably need to go my own way. 

Regardless of who the influencer is that you follow, even if it is me, if you are no longer inspired by them or the growth they are sharing, go your own way.

If you are still inspired by the influencer but the group gives you negative feels every time you look at it, then go your own way.

Throughout our growth, the influencers, coaches, and mentors that we follow will also be growing. They may grow in line with the growth that we began to follow them for or they may grow in a different direction. Also throughout our growth, the people that are friends with us, follow us, or look to us for mentorship may continue to grow with us or may grow in a different direction. This is a normal progression of growth. This is what makes all of us unique, this is what makes our journey unique.

Each and every one of us is unique. Everything about us is unique down to our soul. Yes, we may have some similarities, but we are unique. Our journey is unique and will take twists and turns that bring us together or push us apart. I’m learning through all of my growth and my journey that as long as I go my own way and only take in what I truly need, that is what is most important. 

I can tell you that I do not follow every inspirational influencer or author that I started my growth journey following. I go in and out of following others. I look to this one or that one based on what I’m currently growing through. Through it all, I am going my own way. I am growing my unique way.

If you find yourself following someone you’ve followed for a long time but they aren’t delivering what you need, please do not go into a group and hate on them. Go your own way. You are growing and they are growing. Do yourself a favor and do what you need without dragging them through the mud.

Grow your own way.

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