Happy Soul, Happy Life

We’ve all heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life”, right? What if, instead of listening to that, we created a new phrase? I mean, I personally don’t want my husband just to appease me to make his life happy.


I came across this phrase a couple days ago and it just stuck with me. So instead of “happy wife, happy life”, I want to start a trend of “happy soul, happy life.” I know, it doesn’t rhyme, but I don’t care.

When was the last time you did something that truly made your soul happy?

Do you even know what makes your soul happy?

I can honestly say that I don’t do enough of what makes my soul happy. Some of it is because of health limitations, but most is out of pure laziness or setting absurd rules for how my life will be run.

I realized this week, that I have carried through my life the rule of ‘not on a school night’ that I was raised with. It has now become ‘not on a work night’. I literally don’t allow us to really do much on a work night, unless I can work from home the next day.

I have seriously limited our ability to live life and have fun or have hobbies because I’m afraid of doing things that will ruin the next day. When I put it into words, it sounds dumb! Hell, I wouldn’t even allow us to grocery shop during the week. I have had to have everything done on the weekends.

This has severely limited what we can do that makes our soul happy.

I experienced a lot of happy soul moments this past weekend though. We went camping for the first time since my surgery and for the first time with our overland trailer and RTT. We spent two nights camping in a beautiful place. We went offroading and relaxed. I took time for myself and just laid in the tent for a while and read. I cuddled with the dogs and watched other people’s children get absolutely dirty. I saw deer that were interested in Radar. I climbed up a ruin of an old mine. We even took our time driving out of the mountain by taking the long way home.

My soul was happy. Very happy. I felt refreshed after this trip.

I don’t fully know what makes my soul happy, but I’m opening myself up to learn. I know that having Radar ask to cuddle in my lap while I’m sitting here typing this at my desk makes my soul happy.

I am going to spend some time this year figuring out what makes my soul happy. I challenge you to do the same thing.

Do you already know? Share with me in the comments. Are you learning what makes your soul happy? Share what you are learning. Let’s work together to inspire others to find what makes their soul happy.

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