Social media is a fickle thing depending on what your goal is with using it. You may have one account for this and another account for that. You might have this one private and that one public. You may even have different followers. You may have one that you only have family on. Social media is truly a juggling act. And it is one I have been playing.

I have Instagram that is public to coexist with this website and Facebook which is private. I fully intend to keep my Facebook private, but I have followers on Facebook that I don’t have on Instagram. I haven’t been sharing most of what I post, including the fact that this website exists, on Facebook.

I’ve been hiding.

I’ve been hiding from sharing some of my most vulnerable conversation with you from those who might be closest to me.


Fear. It is as simple as that.

Sometimes when I post, I get amazing feedback. Sometimes I get responses that make me feel as though the reader thought I was looking for pity when I most definitely am not.

Then it hit me today as I did a simple post. There are most likely people on my Facebook who could use to hear what I’ve been sharing. There are people who might need to see that specific post that day. There are people who just might help share my message and get it to other people.

If I truly want to share my life and be vulnerable so I can connect with you, why am I limiting who I reach?

Fear. I have been hiding out of fear.

Starting today, I am going to be more intentional in sharing my message with more than those who are just on Instagram and this website. I hope I can touch someone’s life and help them through whatever situation they may be facing.

No more hiding.

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