I Care About Everything


I have always cared about everything. It has always weighed me down. Caring about everything is an extension of feeling everything that others feel. It is something that I didn’t realize that I did until just a few years ago.

I couldn’t understand why I was always stressed. I couldn’t understand why this person’s troubles caused me so much heartache. I couldn’t understand why that news story bothered me so much. I couldn’t understand why I was so happy for this person. I couldn’t understand why I felt the burning need to fix everything for everybody. I had no idea what was causing all of my turmoil.

It wasn’t until Eddie pointed out what was going on from his point of view that it clicked. I was caring about everything and by caring about everything, it was all weighing me down. My subconscious absorbed everything that I saw or heard and took it on as something that affects me.

Caring about others is an excellent quality to have. Caring about absolutely everything that goes on around me is not the same thing.

Just as crowds exhaust me, caring about everything drains me. I take it all on and then don’t understand how some people just don’t care about everything. Now that I can identify it, I also more quickly identify when I expect other people to care about the same things and they don’t. This in itself has been difficult for me to work through.

I share this with you today as another characteristic of an empath. I share it with you to tell you that if you are just like me, I don’t have the answers on how to overcome caring too much. I share it with you to tell you that by being able to identify when you are caring too much about something that truly does not impact your life, you can start to begin the process to keep moving without absorbing the feeling. I have not found an easy solution or trick or step-by-step process to care just a little less. What I have found is that by being able to identify it, I have made leaps and bounds to making sure my health and my emotions are impacted just a little less by how deeply I care about everything. Writing it out helps. Talking about it with someone who can comprehend what you are saying helps. Working through when you feel like it is taking over your life helps. I just don’t know how to prevent it completely. Start with identifying and talking about it. Maybe you’ll find how to prevent yourself from caring so much that you carry burdens that aren’t yours to carry.

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