I’m a winner!

I win at life every single day. My life goes exactly the way my mind directs it to go. I get everything my mind believes. Everything is perfect!

Scratch that. Actually, I get everything my subconscious believes. Everything, life, whatever, is only what my subconscious perceives.

You see, Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered in his research that 95 percent of what we do each day in our life, is controlled by our subconscious.

I win each day because I do exactly what my subconscious is programmed to do. Our lives are a set of programs operated by our subconscious. We have many thoughts and beliefs ingrained into our subconscious, so our life continues along those paths, even when we want to change.

For example, I struggle with not feeling loved or believing I’ll always be living paycheck to paycheck. Well, those are things I have believed as long as I can remember. I want to say all my life, but I can’t confirm from the earliest of my days.

I keep struggling because my subconscious keeps me where it is comfortable and where it knows the way. I am winning at not feeling loved because my subconscious directs that program. We have multiple programs in our life and our subconscious directs us to stay with them.

We seemingly run on auto-pilot everyday. An auto-pilot that so many of us want to change in one way or another. But how can we if our subconscious is running the show?

We have to change the way our subconscious thinks. And we have to be committed to it. No half-ass change can happen here. Let’s break it down.

Literally. To change the way our subconscious thinks, we have to break down what we want to change to smaller, more manageable pieces. It’s like turning the mountain we are climbing into a stairway instead of one long slope.

The first step is facing our problems or things we want to change head on. Identify what we want to change. For example, I want to change my perception of being loved. Now, let’s ask ourselves a couple questions:

  1. How will my sense of self change?
  2. How will my beliefs about my future be different?
  3. What will my future life look like?

Here’s a caveat: don’t look for the answers that feel awesome or just sound awesome. Dig deep. Really, really deep. Right now, I can’t give you my answers for changing my perception of being loved. I haven’t dug deep enough to answer them. It is going to take a lot of dedicated time to think, imagine, and commit to transforming my powerful thoughts that I’m not loved. I know there is more to that feeling, so it will get messy.

The problem we all have is with making time to make time. This single post has taken me weeks because I didn’t have answers to share. I don’t have insight on how to make this step easy. I wanted to give you my experience. Well, my experience is that I haven’t made time to make time. I haven’t dug really deep. I’ve let life get in the way of my personal growth.

This goes back to the topic of this post, I am winning at my current life. I am winning at what my subconscious knows how to do.

I haven’t taken the time to change the direction of my subconscious. I haven’t set my new outcomes to win at. I haven’t been relentless at taking the actions needed to change.

Why? Changing the way we run our lives is hard! Like really fucking hard. Change isn’t easy for anybody. Even if we resolve our mind to make a change and to work on it, life will tend to take over. Life takes over really easily because it is easier. We are already winning there.

“True understanding of yourself and your personal constraints allows for ever-unfolding degrees of freedom and success.”  – Gary John Bishop

I need to understand my constraints that keep me winning where I am. I need to identify them and then identify how they are keeping me stuck. I can’t change them all at once, that becomes to overwhelming. I need to pick one and start there. But I have to make time to identify my constraints.

I want to win at the life that I want to live. Step by step, I’m going to make time. As I make time, you will see it here. As I learn, as I grow, I share it here.

“Step out there. Trust yourself, give yourself fully to your vast capacity for victory.”  – Gary John Bishop

I am stepping out there. I am slowly learning to trust myself. I know I can be so much happier and live a much fuller life. All I have to do is trust myself. Then I’ll start winning at the life that I want to live.

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