Last Three Months

Now that we are in October, we are in the last three months of the year. Not only that, though, we are in the last three months of the decade. Let that set in a minute.

We are in the last three months of this decade.

When I heard this fact stated, I felt like my mind had been blown. I hadn’t even thought of it that way. I just knew that I wanted 2020 to be better than any year I’ve had recently.

Why is it important or even something worth highlighting that we are in the last three months? For those of us who have goals and who are working on change in our lives, it signals a fresh start in coming. So many of us think about history in decades. The 1930s had The Great Depression, World War II ended in the 1940s, the 1960s were about the hippies (and more war), and the 1990s were about the internet and big hair.

Those were big things for the United States, but what about personally? For me, the 1980s were when I was born, the 1990s were my early years defining my love for reading and being outside, the 2000s were a fucking disaster, and the 2010s have been a roller coaster as well.

I can’t go back and change anything in my history. But I can start from now and make a brand new ending. I can course correct and change how I start off the next decade. I can go into 2020 with a different mindset, different goals, and different habits that will set me up for success.

I am excited that I have been made aware that we are in the last three months of the decade. I am working hard on goals that I want to achieve in the next few years and I know that these three months can and will determine the course of the next decade. Yes, I can course correct again, but why not now? Why not start down the road that will get me closer to achieving my big hairy audacious goals?

Why not?

Welcome to the last three months of the 2010s. Now is the time to set goals and intentions for your 2020s.


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