Nature is Where My Soul is Happiest

One characteristic of an empath is that we take comfort in nature. This describes me more than some people will ever realize. I can go into nature by myself and not need anything. I could wander for hours simply taking in the nature around me. I love stepping out of a vehicle into the forest or hiking up to a waterfall. I could drive through the mountains for days and be happy listening to the birds and other sounds. Not only does me time recharge me, but time in nature does as well.

Nature is a place where life is typically abundant. There is much more than what meets the eye. If there was a way to simply and comfortably lay on the ground for hours and listen to everything, I would do it. But, for me, it is much more work to be comfortable laying around in nature. That work is one thousand percent worth it.

Every time we go offroading in the mountains or take the trailer out to the remote areas of the mountains, I am recharged, even if I get annoyed about things not being setup right or asshats leaving ash all around the fire pit.

For me, nature takes many forms of recharging me. Simply pulling weeds in my grass or tending to my flower gardens is nature enough for some days. But my happiest place in nature is in the mountains with the fewest mosquitoes and some kind of creek or water nearby. When people talk doomsday and what they would do, my mind always goes to the most remote parts of the mountains.

If taking comfort in nature is something that describes an empath, then I absolutely resonate with that and have no quarrels about it.

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