Overlanding and Offroading

My husband and I have been getting into overlanding and offroading more and more over the past couple years. In fact, we are slowly adding mods to my 4Runner to make it able to go more places.

When we first started getting into it, we followed and watched a few groups on YouTube. I felt pretty crushed because all of them have these crazy built out rigs with sponsors. I felt like that was the ONLY way a person could be part of the overlanding or offroading communities. Or even be considered to be overlanding when doing it.

I forgot that everybody starts somewhere. They didn’t start with sponsors. They didn’t start with the fully built out rigs. They started somewhere with less than they have now.

Every person’s beginning is different. We may be starting with less than some, and more than others. To be an overlander, you just gotta get out there and do it.

You don’t have a super built out rig. Hell, all we’ve done is change my wheels and tires, and add a suspension lift. That is enough for us for this season of our life. Not everybody is going to need or want the same equipment in their rig. We are all different.

I do know that I want to share our beginning with you. I don’t know if we’ll ever add YouTube to this blog and start doing videos while on our adventures or while getting ready for them.

We are getting ready for our first trip to the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona. I’ll Shae pics of our piles and details of our adventures. Hopefully we will inspire you to get out and explore too.

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