What is Failing Imperfectly?


Inspiration comes from many sources, affecting each of us in many different ways.


Growing emotionally and professionally is core to leading my fulfilled life.


Real life as I move through every challenge and celebration.


Conflict Sucks

I have spent so much of my life avoiding conflict with others. I would mold myself to situations to avoid conflict. I would stop talking to people when it got uncomfortable and I thought there was conflict. It was as though conflict was one of the worst things that could happen in my life. I was wrong. The avoidance of conflict is one of … Read More Conflict Sucks

I Have Got to Recharge

I am one who needs to recharge frequently. Whether it be simply from working five days a week or because I’ve been around a lot of people, I need time to get my mind right. Now, let me tell you what ‘getting my mind right’ really means for me. It means a couple of things. First, for me it means releasing all of the … Read More I Have Got to Recharge