Sensitive to Sounds and Smells

Another item on the list explaining the traits of an empath is the sensitivity to sounds, smells, or sensations. I don’t see myself as being sensitive to sensations, but I sure am sensitive to sounds and smells.

For me, my sensitivity to smells is primarily that I can smell things much more intensely, much faster, or that I smell them when nobody else does. I don’t know if anybody else is this way, but last week when I was walking through the grocery store, I walked within 10 feet of the peaches and through my mask, the smell of perfectly ripe peaches hit me. It was like a glorious slap in the face. I tend not to buy fruit because of the high natural sugar content, but I most definitely had to buy a couple peaches that day.

Now sounds. Oh sounds are my nemesis. Especially the sounds of someone tapping or banging intensely on their keyboard. My husband taps all of the damn time. If he isn’t tapping, his foot or knee is shaking. Somehow he is always doing something that creates a consistent tapping or swishing sound. It drives me absolutely batty. Dogs cleaning themselves loudly, yeah that is just obnoxious. The air compressor is filling, I’m leaving the area.

There are so many sounds that trigger an almost immediate reaction to make the person or thing stop. Then there are the sounds that I crave. Birds chirping, a creek rushing, or crickets singing their song. Those are sounds that I could go everyday hearing consistently. When I am listening to any of these sounds, especially when I’m in nature and they aren’t just some white noise I’m playing, I must restrain myself for telling people to shut up so I can hear them.

Sensitivity to sounds, smells, or sensations doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Yes, I have sensitivities that drive me insane, but I also have sensitivities that bring my soul to life. The thing about being sensitive to anything is that you are the only person being affected and if it is bad, then you decide that it is bad, and if it is good, you decide that. Nobody gets to tell any of us that our sensitivity is bad or good. We get to make that decision for ourselves.

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