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I Care About Everything

Literally EVERYTHING. I have always cared about everything. It has always weighed me down. Caring about everything is an extension of feeling everything that others feel. It is something that I didn’t realize that I did until just a few years ago. I couldn’t understand why I was always stressed. I couldn’t understand why this person’s troubles caused me so much heartache. I couldn’t … Read More I Care About Everything

Why Are There So Many People

I hate crowds. HATE crowds. In any situation. For many different reasons. Crowds stress me out and ruin my mood. It doesn’t matter if the crowd is the crowds at the mall, in the mountains, or large family gatherings. Crowds are not for me. I used to think this was just a factor of being introverted. I believe, and I haven’t researched this, that … Read More Why Are There So Many People

You Are Too Close

Part of who I am yearns for closeness and feeling love from others. But the rest of me yearns for solitude. It is a difficult balance that I used to ignore by drinking alcohol to be more social. Alcohol released my feeling of overwhelm or nervousness when around others, especially large groups. I used to think I was weird or had something wrong with … Read More You Are Too Close