Body Love

Body Love is the title of a book by Kelly Leveque that I have read and loosely use to guide my nutrition. I say loosely because I have not been as intentional as I would like. But nutrition isn’t necessarily what I want to talk to you about today.

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Episode 41: Body Love

Failing Imperfectly
Failing Imperfectly
Episode 41: Body Love

Body Love means something different to each of us and I want to share with you where I am in my journey to achieving my definition of Body Love. What is that definition? Have a listen and find out.

Infertility 5 Years In

It’s been a while since I have talked about infertility and I had something that triggered me, so I thought I would talk it out with you. If you are on the infertility journey, this conversation may be a trigger for you.



Throughout our lives, we are so frequently in competition. Regardless of whether we are in competition with ourselves or someone else, winning is always the end game. The problem is that so many of us see winning as the only part of the game. It’s either you win or you lose.

We easily forget that there is always a journey before the win. There is goal setting, commitment, determination, hard work, and sacrifices. Nobody can just win something without putting in the work. Winning will look different to each one of us. What I might determine is my winning point, won’t be the same as the next person.

It’s easy for me to sit here and look at the bloggers and life coaches before me and think that it just happened for them. They decided they wanted to do the thing and bam! the thing made them well-known and well paid. Except it doesn’t work that way. Every person before me has put in the work. They’ve put in the hard work. They have made sacrifices to achieve their dreams.

Winning is great, but it isn’t everything. In my opinion, the journey is everything. Without the journey, we wouldn’t get to where we want to go.

Take this blog as an example. This isn’t my first blog. I’ve had a few others, some were purely therapeutic, some were aimed at a different goal than I have today. To get this blog to where I want it to be, to be part of a life coaching business where I share my struggles and my experiences with others to help them realize they are not alone and there is hope, I have to get through the startup phase. I have to publish the content, refine my writing, continue doing the personal work, and continue to put it out there. I cannot snap my fingers and have the followers and clients that I want. I have to be all in for the journey.

The journey is what helps us cross that finish line. Sometimes the finish line is an actual finish line for a race, sometimes it is getting that first or hundredth client, other times it is simply being confident in who we are and living our best lives. No matter what the finish line is, getting to it is not just an accident.

As we embark on our journey towards the finish line, we are going to encounter many fears and obstacles that might tempt us to take a detour. We can only take so many detours before we are completely off track. Getting back on track is also part of the journey. Each part of the journey is what leads us to the win.

The next time you look at that celebrity or influencer or overlander or life coach, remember, they didn’t just win. It wasn’t an accident. They put in hard work and dedication to get to where they are. They got clear on their goals, they did the work, they learned the things, and they pursued their dreams.

And remember, if they can do it, so can you.


Winning's not just an accident.

Well, that happened…

Once again, it’s been a couple months. I definitely haven’t been consistent at sharing life I had wanted to. I could sit here and beat myself up, telling you how awful I feel, how awful of a person I am because there is no way that I should expect you to keep following me. I could.

But I’m not. Life happens. I started questioning whether I really wanted to keep sharing with you. I questioned whether I was strong enough to get to a point that I have critics who berate me in the comments. I questioned whether the energy was worth it.

To me it is. This past week I came across a new blog for me to follow. She is doing exactly what I want to do. I mean, if this chick is doing what I want to, why would I continue?The only difference is, wait for it……….she is different than me. Novel concept, right?

Even though I stopped sharing my days of sharing what I’m doing to take back my life, I’ve still been working on it. When I look back at Day 1: Me, I know I definitely haven’t done everything I wanted to. But that’s okay, I still can.

The most important part is that I’ve continued to take care of myself. Yes, I absolutely have days that I push myself beyond what my back can take. Yes, I’ve watched more TV than I really wanted to. But that is all part of taking care of myself. There are reasons each of those happened. But as I type this, I think about today and what I’ve accomplished.

To some, not a damn thing. To me, a lot. I have had all day, since my husband left at 8 am this morning, to do whatever I wanted. I have watched maybe five hours of TV total. That wasn’t all at once either. I did some personal development. I set out my intentions for this next week. I went and exchanged some new bras I bought that didn’t fit. I washed the comforter on the guest bed. Never mind it is still in the dryer long after the dryer finished. I’ve taken care of me.

I’ve made some changes recently too. I was running a separate Instagram account so I could share whatever I wanted without fear of offending those closest to me and so I had a private account where I can share young family. Well, sorry, but I am at a point I really don’t care what those closest to me think, I have to live MY life true to me. And, I can still share young family, with the permission of their parents.

The biggest thing I’ve worked on in the past few months is being true to who I am. I hope you stay along for the ride, because I want to share my ups and downs on this journey. You are not alone.