Burnout is Real

I am one of those people who typically likes to just get shit done. I can’t just sit around and procrastinate forever on hardly anything. I mean, I do procrastinate some, but then I get overwhelmed that that thing hasn’t been completed and just get it done. I push and push and push myself. I get my day job done and then take care of things around the house and make sure to get writing, reading, or workout time in as well. Oh and a few personal video chats as well. 

It really doesn’t sound like that much. I mean, that is normal life stuff, right? Well, that normal life stuff can cause burnout. When I typically think of burnout, I think of 100 hour work weeks with grueling workouts and a crazy social calendar. I think of people who do so much more each day and sleep a lot less than I do. I don’t ever consider myself as a candidate for burnout.