Family Doesn’t Mean Everything

I have a friend who has some deep and painful issues with her family that we’ve been talking about quite a bit lately and it reminded me of all of the work I’ve done over the years to overcome some similar familial challenges. I won’t tell you her story because it isn’t mine to share, but I thought I would go into some of my story and some of what I shared with her from my experiences. 


Body Image

Body image is something that we, as women, seem destined to always struggle with. No matter what is going on in society any given year, comments on a woman’s body are always a thing. To me, the worst part about body image is that over the years what is seen as the ideal body type or size changes. If you look back through history, the women who are celebrated in art never look the same. Right now we are stuck in this space where the ideal body size for a woman is tiny.

Probably like any of you women reading this, I have struggled for as long as I can remember. My parents made fun of my “bubble butt” growing up. My mom told me I was going to be big-boned and always be a bigger girl. I was the heaviest of the three of us girls and looking back now, I wasn’t anywhere close to the heavy that my mom kept commenting on. A lot of our body image issues come from our mother’s from as early as we can start looking to them for guidance. Anytime they talk about feeling fat or needing to lose weight, we absorb that. Anytime they comment on our stature, we absorb it. As kids we aren’t only absorbing what is on TV or in the media, we are listening to the women in our lives. We start to develop a complex around our body image from a very early age and if our parents aren’t aware of it, they might be causing a negative body image.