Unexpected Change in Perspective

Recently one question directed at me changed my outlook and appreciation for my life as it is right now. I had no idea that I needed something to challenge my perspective, but it happened.

Have you ever considered moving to ? The place at the end of that question doesn’t matter. What matters is the personal outcome from considering that question. No, I hadn’t considered it. But after reviewing the what-ifs, I have a much deeper appreciation for my life right now right where it is. 

I finally, maybe for the first time ever, but most definitely for the first time in my life where I get to make all of the decisions, have a place that I call home that I am emotionally tied to. In the past, I’ve simply moved apartments because I wanted a different environment or moved states for a job or because I hated the state I lived in (yeah, I’m talking about New Mexico). It was an easy decision and there was nothing that prevented me from leaving. But when I consider moving to another state now, my heart gets sad. I am emotionally connected to my home and the people I spend my life with here.

If I consider moving to another state, not in the immediate vicinity of Utah, I get sad for all of the exploring that we have not yet done. I think about all of the natural beauty here that I want to experience. I think about all of the plans we had with our friends before COVID took over our lives. I think about the house we are still in the middle of renovating and all of the plans we have for it. I truly thought about it all.

I have never understood why people had such a difficult time moving out of a house or to another state. When I’ve done it, it was the simplest decision. It was as simple as, yeah, I’m going. But now, now there are many more things to consider and now I am emotionally connected to where I live. 

Have I ever considered moving to ? No, no I hadn’t. But now that I have, there would be some requirements to be met before it could be a serious consideration. In the meantime, I’m going to stay here in Utah and get busy living my life. 

My perspective has been changed. I am a serious introvert and this COVID stay home focus has been mostly glorious for me. But this question challenged my introvertedness by challenging my emotional connection to life. It’s funny how you can be cruising through life thinking that life was good and your growth and focus was pretty damn sharp and then bam!! You are hit with a question that challenges everything. 

I can’t wait to get busy living the life that I think of when I consider the question about moving elsewhere. I want to explore the state more. And not just the national parks everybody knows about, but the remote, only a few people can go kinds of places. I want to go to ALL of the farmers markets and enjoy the festivals and explore the little towns or downtowns. I want to hike more. I want to expand my photography abilities with the beautiful landscapes that are around me. I want to keep renovating our home to our preferences. I want to be in range to visit family and friends more than we had before. I want to make more memories with Eddie and the pups here in our home.

My appreciation for all that is available to me here where I am now has exploded. It’s funny how a simple question can trigger so much thought and emotion. It’s funny how we think we are appreciating where we are in life until something forces a change in perspective. This unexpected change in my perspective has definitely been welcomed and shows me where I have room for even more growth in my life. We think so narrowly sometimes that we forget to stop and smell the roses.

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