Unique and Great

Our society does not embrace anything about anybody being unique. The goal we are taught from a very young age is to be like these people we are told should be our idols. We are taught to be like other people. Uniqueness is not celebrated.

Greatness is more often than not only considered being achievable when you’ve accomplished what society says success is. There are only a few people who are typically recorded as having achieved greatness in their life.

Why is uniqueness such a negative thing and why can’t more people achieve greatness?

Our society has a very skewed view. It is that simple. And it is that difficult.

Uniqueness is defined as the quality of being the only one of its kind; the quality of being particularly remarkable, special, or unusual. Greatness is defined as the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.

If each of us has our own body and our own mind, then why can’t we be unique? Why do we have to be the same? Because uniqueness makes some people, a lot of people, uncomfortable. Having differences is not something that is celebrated. Our society really celebrates only a few specific people because they fit into what society says is the perfect lifestyle, body, and/or demeanor. If we don’t fit that perfect ideal, if we are unique, society doesn’t know how to handle us. Why do we care so much about fitting the perfect ideal? Because we are told that is the only way to be great in life.

The only problem with fitting the perfect ideal is that it is generally unattainable and keeps the majority of people away from the greatness that they actually could achieve. Why do only a few people get recorded in our history books as being great? Because they either fit the perfect ideal or they develop a new perfect ideal. Who determines what qualifies as perfect? In my opinion, in our 2020 society, our media is who has been determining what qualifies as perfect.

I have followed it for many years. I have pushed myself to fit what the magazine models look like. I have berated and hated myself for not looking like or behaving like those that I see in the media. I have caused myself more anxiety over the years than my brain and heart should have had to handle. I am tired of living to fit an ideal. I am tired of berating and hating myself.

It is time for us to embrace our uniqueness. It is time for us to fight the idea of perfection. It is time for us to explore our own greatness. I am unique. I am not perfect. My greatness is not determined by the societal idea of perfection. I am perfectly imperfect.

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